You are welcomed into the warm, quaint space of Whit's End by the smell of toasting cheese with French lounge music playing softly in the background - you know immediately you have found a home. You are guided to a seat, and greeted by one of our Cheesehounds who will provide an overview of the offerings of the evening that are included in your entry fee ($23) as well as optional sides. Once you receive your platters of vessels, proceed to the Raclette grill station (or perhaps you already were there staring aimlessly into the bubbly goodness realizing you have found a new happy place) and select a cheese from two different cheeses of the evening from France and Switzerland and the Cheese Burner will happily scrape onto your plate. Proceed post haste to your table to dig in - Raclette waits for no one as it will want to get back to its solidified form as soon as it can. One caveat, we do request that you refrain from skipping back to your seat, the cheese is hot after all.

Once re-seated, try to pair the cheese with your sides in a variety of combinations, perhaps a bit of nutmeg and pepper or with a cornichon or pickled onion from the jars on the table to give the richness a brief reprieve with some acidity while finishing with a crisp, slightly effervescent wine.

Finished your cheese before your sides or still a bit peckish? Don't be sad, please join us for another scrape! Maybe from the more mild Swiss to the more salty Savoie from the French Alps? The night is young, why not?.

Come enjoy the sensory feast with us!

*Please note: We are serving from 5 - 9p and you are welcome to come during any of those hours. A typical seating is 60-90 minutes. The Whit's End will remain open serving drinks and digestif's after food service hours.

For Reservations
Please email us the number in your party and the requested time of arrival at and we will confirm or call at 224-337-3464 (A.CHEESE.HOG)