Well that was fun…let’s do it again! Fire and Scrape is following up its sold out restaurant pop up with another Evening of Raclette on March 8 at The Whit’s End on Phinney Ridge. What Seattle Met called "Food theater in its purest sense"  and in the upcoming March print edition), we are excited to bring the theater back indoors. 

This time around we will be tweaking a few things to make a great cheese experience even greater with the ultimate goal to offer our Raclette in a relaxed (read: warm and dry) atmosphere that encourages pairing with carefully selected wine, beer or other refreshments. All drinks, including a full cocktail list, will be available at a cash bar from The Whit's End. 

The cost to this event is $23 per person which includes all you care to eat Raclette (two cheeses), steamed, locally sourced potatoes, freshly sliced Italian ham, arugula salad with house made croutons, and Le Panier baguettes with French sea salted butter. In addition, we will offer optional platters for purchase including: duckfat roasted potatoes, sherried whole mushrooms, sliced to order parma prosciutto, local artisanal salami, local Fuji apples, steamed asparagus, candied bacon, etc...

From the sight of bubbling half wheels of the finest Raclette cheeses from Switzerland (Emmi) and France (Savoie) to the ultimate scraping of the melted goodness over the freshest ingredients, the experience is sure to differ from your typical evening out.